Insights from the first edition of IMALive MeetUp

IMALive Digital Meetup at Kozhikodu


Insights from the first edition of IMALive MeetUp

Who would think you could hold together a big group of 68 doctors in a room on a hot and lazy Sunday? And especially when the topic is Digital Marketing!

This was the biggest insight from the first edition of IMALive MeetUp co-hosted by IMALive and IMA Kozhikode Branch.

The session was rich and diverse with the keynote addresses delivered by industry practitioners on topics such as Entrepreneurship, Artificial Intelligence, Media and Crisis Management.  Some of the takeaways from our first session:

  1. Doctors are taking digital seriously, and they acknowledge it will drive the future
  2. Medical practitioners are open to exploring other possibilities beyond their practice, we are increasingly seeing a migration from practice to other areas such as entrepreneurship, health tech, community service and so on
  3. Doctors are tech-savvy and open to explore the possibilities of social media and digital marketing
  4. Doctors are still groping in dark about making sense of data
  5. The digitalisation of hospital records and patient communications are slow but is gaining importance and there is a great deal of interest in such topics
  6. The focus on research and scientific publications in India is not as advanced as in the other markets. Doctors are keen on topics related to research and publishing
  7. Doctors are keen on upgrading their skills on communication, interpersonal relationship and work-life balance

We are overwhelmed by the huge response we have received and we have now got requests from 6 other branches, the next one finalised for the 5th of May at MVR Cancer Research Centre, Kozhikode. 












IMAlive Digital Meetup 1st edition at Calicut