IMAlive now in English

IMAlive now available in English


Taking on misinformation and panic-spreading rumours in the age of social media requires great grit, team work and commitment. Joining hands under the umbrella of the Malayalam web portal IMA Live, health professionals of Indian Medical Association have been doing their part to bust myths and spreading fact-based information aiming at a healthy life for all. Taking one step ahead in the mission, the association is all set to launch the English edition of IMA with the aim to lead people to a healthy life and assure them of proper, factual and science-based solutions to all health concerns. take a global stage. At a function to be held at Aluva on February 9, the English edition of IMA Live will be launched by dignitaries in the field of medicine.

IMA Live English will launch at the Aluva IMA House on February 9 at a health-related event.